The Ever After Package Party Schedule

Introductions - 2 min

  • Grand Entrance - You'll receive a call from our party assistant 10-15 min prior to your party informing you of their arrival. Our characters will be not be parking within view of your party location so as to preserve the magic for your little ones. Next, they will enter with themed music!

  • Meet & Greet - Your character will take the time to greet your little one and their friends, wish them a happy birthday, and thank them for inviting them to the party! 


Dance Party- 10 min

After story time, get ready for some singing and dancing! If your little one has a favorite song they may request that it be played by our party assistant. 

*Prep Tip: Have a designated area where your party guests can dance and move around freely!


Craft - 15 min

After your little one is gifted their tiara, it's time for the party guests to make their own crowns too! Our crown craft is ideal for both girls AND boys!

*Prep Tip: Have a designated space, either on a non-carpeted floor or table, where children can comfortably sit to color. 

Coloring Craft

Photo Opportunities - 5 min

After the coloring craft, your party guests will have the opportunity to pose for photos with the character! Typically, we recommend one group photo, one with the birthday child, and one with family. If there is time other children are welcome to get their individual photos with the character as well!


Hugs & Goodbyes - 2 min

Following cake & singing, our character will make a soft exit while your little ones are still enjoying the cake! This will help them ease into the transition of the character leaving without any tears. During this time you may feel free to tip our staff members, we just ask that you do so discreetly to avoid revealing any magic for surrounding children!


Interactive Story Time - 15 min

Our characters will lead the party by beginning with an interactive story time. Children are welcome to talk and ask questions during this time!


*Prep Tip: Have a designated quiet area for your character(s) to sit and read the story with enough room for children to sit comfortably. This spot could also be used later as a photo backdrop!


Princess Lesson & Coronation - 5 min

After dancing, the character will lead a themed lesson for all present children, ending off with a coronation ceremony for your little one! At this time your little one will receive a sash, certificate, and tiara!


Face-Painting - 30 min

Following the crown craft, our party assistant will do some simple face-painting designs for the child party guests! During this time, the character(s) will be entertaining the children who are waiting to get their faces painted. 

*Prep Tip: Have a designated space, preferably a table with two chairs, where our party assistant and children can comfortably sit.

Face Painting

Happy Birthday - 5 min

After photos, we will move on to gathering the children around the table to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat cake/cupcakes. If you need assistance please be sure to communicate with our party assistant and they will be happy to help you!

Ever After - 1.5 hr