Frequently asked questions

How do I book an event?

We have a wide variety of packages and characters available! You can book online or you can schedule a phone call with us during evening hours. Please note that all parties and events are reserved on a "first come, first serve" basis. Your character request is based on availability and is not always guaranteed. This is why we recommend booking at least 4-6 weeks away. You can book up to one year in advance!

Which party packages are right for me?

You may have noticed that we have three options when booking your event: Private In-Home Parties, Private Venue Parties, and Corporate Parties. 1. Family Party packages are for family-and-friends parties that can either be in your home or other location for up to 20 children. 2. Corporate Party packages are for companies, businesses, non-profits, and corporations only. 3. Volunteer & Charity Packages are for families in need, hospitals, some fundraisers, etc.

How far will you travel?

Character Performers will travel up to 20 miles from their homes with no travel charge. Any event that is located more than 20 miles away will incur a roundtrip $0.50 per mile charge to your total package cost. We service a 50-mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA.

What if I don't see the character I want listed on your website?

We are always looking to add new characters to Ever After Events! If you do not see the character you want you can request them and we will do our best to accommodate. When requesting a new character, we recommend doing so a minimum of 2 months before your event. There is no guarantee we will be able to provide your character, but please ask and we will do our very best!

What venues will you entertain at?

We can travel to any type of party venue, but please keep in mind that some venues have their own guidelines and restrictions. Please check to see if your venue allows outside entertainment to perform before booking with us.

Will you perform outdoors?

Outdoor venues are always welcome! However, if you are planning an outdoor event, always have a backup plan in case of bad weather. We ask that you provide accommodations for our performers in the event of bad weather, wind or extreme heat. Character performers require a clean, dry area free of dirt and mud. Additionally, please provide an area in the shade in cases of extreme heat. Please let us know on your reservation form if your event will be outdoors so that we can make proper preparations. ​

Do I need to have a reserved parking spot for the performer?

We ask that you please make sure that your performer has a safe place to park at your event. Our performers will do their best to park up the street so that children attending the event do not see them in a car and ruin any magic. However, we appreciate having safe and easy access to the event site.

What happens if a guest becomes ill, upset, or misbehaves?

Our character performers are not babysitters. The performer is only responsible for entertaining and engaging the children in party activities. Any behavioral or health-related issues with children must be taken care of by a parent/guardian or party host. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is the responsibility of the child’s parents or party host to monitor and take care of any children who are misbehaving or do not want to participate in the party activities.

Does it matter how many guests I invite?

Does it matter how many guests I invite? Yes! Our family party packages are designed with about 15 small guests (including the birthday child) in mind. This is to ensure that all activities can be carried out within the allotted time, that we have enough materials for all guests at the party, and that every guest at the party has quality time with the princess/superhero. If you have more than 15 children in attendance you may create an add-on option ($5 per child). Our corporate packages allow flexibility with number of guests, please inquire.

What if a guest arrives late?

All parties will begin and end at the time scheduled and agreed upon by Ever After Events and the party host. We recommend having our performers arrive about 20-30 minutes after the guests arrival time to ensure that everyone is present and has had time to settle in. Late guests are welcome to join in upon their arrival.

What if the performer arrives late?

We advise our performers to be at or near the party location at least 15 minutes before the agreed upon start time. However, in the unlikely event that a performer is late to an event, he or she will stay extra to make up the missing time.
Please let us know if this happens.

What do performers bring with them to the party/event?

Our performers bring with them everything that is needed to carry out the activities included in your ordered package. Each package is different so we will bring the appropriate items for each event. If your package includes games/crafts/activities, we will bring with us everything needed to carry out these activities. We provide our own storybook for story time, face paints, nail polish, etc. If you have created a custom package, the performer will have any and all items that were requested to complete your event successfully!

What do I need to provide for the party?

We also ask that you be mindful in providing us with an appropriate space to carry out all activities that you have chosen in your package. For all parties/events, we ask that you have somewhere for our performers to sit and an area to perform dance activities in. At this time, Ever After Events does not provide supplies for eating or decorating with the exception of our tea set rental. We will sing Happy Birthday with your child and be around for food/cake, but we will not partake in enjoying them.

How can my child or party be featured on Ever After Events’ website, social media, or advertising?

We are always looking for more pictures to fill our photo galleries, social media accounts, and advertisements! With the permission of the child’s parent/guardian and by signing our party agreement, you consent to our using any photos you choose to send us. Ever After Events will typically not be taking any of our own photos during your event. You can email us photos from your child’s special day at, post on our Facebook page: Ever After Events, LLC, or tag us on instagram: We assure you that your child’s personal information will never be shared with anyone.

What is your rescheduling policy?

We understand that life happens, so if you have an emergency and need to reschedule the date or time of your event after booking, we will try to accommodate you as best we can and will apply your initial payment to another date/time as a one-time courtesy. Any and all changes to date and/or time must occur at least 14 days prior to your event. Any changes made after that time will result in a cancellation. An event can only be rescheduled once.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event of bad weather, serious illness, or other unforeseen emergencies, we reserve the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative date if available. If cancellation by Ever After Events occurs, a full refund of your payment will be issued. Once the non-refundable deposit is put down we reserve your character and time. If a cancellation occurs the $50 deposit will not be refunded.

Do your performers accept gratuity?

Absolutely! Our performers are trained to embody each fairytale character, princess or superhero they play. They are also trained to make each and every party and event is a success. Gratuity is a great way of letting your princess know that you loved her performance! While it is not expected, it is always greatly appreciated.

What activities do we do at each party?

Activities will vary by the package chosen! Princess/Superhero Lessons - Our characters will instruct children in exactly what it takes to be a princess, superhero, cowboy, ballerina, and so on. Not only will they be focusing on physical qualities, but they will take primary notice of internal qualities as well. At Ever After Events we particularly like to emphasize kindness, bravery, courage, and friendship.

Coronation Ceremony - Our magical characters will crown your child as royalty with a special ceremony. This memorable moment is complete with a tiara and sash!
Variations of this activity include Cowboy Ceremony, Superhero Ceremony, Ballerina Ceremony.

Music Themed Activities - Music is a crucial aspect of many of our characters stories, sans we specialize in singing princesses for this reason! Aside from a unique singing performance we also bring along music themed activities like sing-alongs, instructional dance, ocean yoga, musical chairs, and so much more!

Photos and Autographs - Our character will hold a meet and greet with every child in attendance at the end of the party.
Similar to a theme park meet and greet, the character with meet with each child to give them an autograph, take a photo, and have a chance for a meaningful interaction. For this we definitely recommend having a special book or notebook so you can collect each characters autograph!

Interactive Storytime - Our character always brings along his or her fairytale story to read aloud at the party. This story time is unique because our character will sing a short verse of a song as well as ask children interactive questions!

What add-on options are available?

Tea Set Rental - Let is bring the magic to you! When you add a tea set rental to your package you not only get up to 25 beautiful teacup place settings. Every child in attendance will also be taught tea party manners and etiquette by our character! Our party assistant will assist with pouring tea, or other beverages so that the princess can focus on interacting with the children during this time!
* The Tea Party does NOT include beverages or snacks. Beverages of choice for the tea party must be provided by the party host *

Basic Face Painting - Get a beautiful glittered stencil design on your cheek, hand, or arm! With tons stencil selections to choose from and so many different color combination options, your children are bound to be impressed!

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