Cast Member Spotlight: Katlyn

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We are so excited to announce that we will be doing cast member spotlights! Here, you can get to know our performers and learn a bit about why we do what we do!

Katlyn was our first employee and has been with us since the beginning! She is a valued member of our cast and an extremely talented performer.



Acting and/or singing experience:

I’ve been acting since I was around 15, throughout high school and college I’ve done numerous musicals and plays. I’ve been singing since I was a kid! Throughout the years I’ve been taking singing lessons and recording songs here and there, I’ve studied classical and theatre music as well with my singing lessons.

Other qualifications (like a camp counselor or other child-oriented activities):

Currently I teach Preschool and Pre-K age children, I’ve also been a leader for both children and teenagers in camps and other events that I’ve volunteered in.

What do you do outside of performing:

Aside from spending my days as a teacher, I absolutely love to write! I spend my free time reading and learning how to better myself as a photographer and editor, there’s something so therapeutic about the editing process.

How long have you worked for Ever After Events:

Since January 2018

How long have you been cosplaying for:

I’ve been cosplaying for about six years now.

List of characters you’ve been friends with:

For Ever After Events: Beauty, Mermaid, Super-Gal, Snow Queen, Snow Princess (Party dress), Cinderella, Brave Princess, Sleeping Beauty

Favorite characters you’ve been friends with:

1. Little Mermaid

2. Brave Princess

3. Snow Queen

4. Snow Princess

5. Beauty

Best/worst parts of being a cosplayer or performer:

One of the worst parts about being a cosplayer or a performer is the negativity that is found in both communities. People stealing your joy saying “you aren’t cannon cause you’re a girl” or “you don’t look like Character Name”, people commenting on weight or height or eye color is unfair to many people. However one of the most incredible parts of being a cosplayer and performer is the kids, the way their faces light up when they see their favorite character or any version of the character. There are so many wonderful people that I’ve met through princessing and cosplaying, people that I am proud to be friends with. Someone very close to me once told me “Cosplay is for all”, and I believe that goes for performers as well.

Favorite memory from a party/event:

The first party I ever preformed at this little girl came running up to me in her own Elsa costume, hugged me, and told me she wanted to sing ‘my song’ to me. By the end of that party she asked if she could see me again if she came to Arendale one day. It was super cute!

Who is your favorite character and why:

There are so many that it’s hard to choose! It’s a long list of favorites but my all-time favorite character has to be Spider-Gwen. Growing up there weren’t many female superheroes that were readily talked about or even acknowledged. I discovered Spiderwoman, later dubbed Spider-Gwen at a young age, hearing her story inspired me. Every time someone told Gwen to give up being a superhero, every time someone told her that she should stay home and be safer, to allow the men to save the world, she said no. Every time she faced hardships and struggles, she dusted herself off, got back up, and learned from her mistakes or choices. Gwen inspired me to persevere, that no matter how bleak things seem, or how badly you believe you screw something up, you will always get though a situation with determination and heart. She is brave through her fear, and I am so incredibly excited to see a new generation looking up to her in the same way I did and still do.

Life motto:

I know my value, their opinion doesn’t matter.

Fun fact about you:

I am currently learning French and Italian!

Any extra fun things about you or performing that you want included:

I love being different and weird! I celebrate the oddities in my life, things that make me “not normal” to other people. I listen to a lot of Broadway and Off Broadway soundtracks to the point where I find that I can mimic a characters voice. If I could cast myself as any character I would totally love to play Annabeth Chase, she is another one of my childhood heroes!

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