By Agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you are agreeing that:

  1. In the event of bad weather, serious illness, or other unforeseen emergencies, Ever After Events, LLC reserves the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative date if available. If cancellation by Ever After Events occurs, a full refund of your payment will be issued.

  2. Once your non-refundable deposit is paid Ever After Events, LLC reserves the specified character(s) and time slot. If a cancellation/change occurs on clients end the $50 deposit will not be refunded.

  3. If an emergency arises and you need to reschedule your event, Ever After Events, LLC will reschedule the date or time and apply your initial and/or entire payment to another date/time as a one-time courtesy. These arrangements must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to your event. Any changes made after that time will result in an automatic non-refundable cancellation. An event can only be rescheduled once. Your rescheduled event must take place within 6 months of your initial booking.

  4. By booking your event, you specifically release Ever After Events from any claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or related to their participation in your event. You acknowledge that Ever After Events, LLC and all its employees and affiliates are not responsible for any damages occurring to or on your property from their participation in your event.

  5. By booking your event, you agree to give consent to Ever After Events and its authorized representatives, granting them permission to photograph and/or video record their participation in this event. You further agree that all photographs and materials recorded may be used in any form, as part of any future publication, video, brochure and or other printed material for promotion. Ever After Events, LLC. has your permission to use your or your child’s photograph publicly to promote the company. You understand that the images may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. You also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to you by reason of such use. Please email us prior to booking if you do not agree with this and we will work with you.

  6. By booking your event you give consent for your child(ren) to participate in makeup, face-paint, temporary tattoo, or hair up-do application. You hereby acknowledge that while the application of makeup is generally regarded as safe, that allergies, or reactions to makeup products (including, but not limited to: cream makeups, liquid latex, spirit gum, spirit gum remover and all other makeup products), and mistreatment of makeup products and tools by my child can result in injury. You have carefully considered all risks involved in this activity, and hereby agree to hold Ever After Events, LLC and their respective employees/students harmless for all personal injury to your child which could result from participation in this service. You hereby acknowledge that all brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every makeup application. Any skin condition should be reported by yourself to an Ever After Events staff member prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may need to be performed on the skin to test reaction. You understand that Ever After Events, LLC and their respective employees and or students are not held responsible for complications that may result in leaving the event without assisted removal of product including, but not limited to: cream makeups, liquid latex, spirit gum, spirit gum remover and all other makeup products.

  7. By booking your event with Ever After Events, LLC you understand that you cannot use any other local princess party entertainment company for the same event that you hired Ever After for. Doing so results in an automatic cancellation and a complete non-refund of your entire payment.

  8. By booking your event you understand that no changes may be made after booking. This includes but is not limited to date/time changes, character changes, staff changes, outfit changes, and schedule changes.

  9. By booking your event you understand that you may not request specific performers for your party. This policy has been put in place in case of emergency where we may need to switch out performers.

Terms & Conditions


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