Shannon P.

My daughter’s fifth birthday party [Beauty] and [Amazonian Hero] attended and were a huge hit. They were very patient, kind, and always stayed in character. Thank you so much for making her day special.

April 29th 2019 - Facebook

Leslie C.

My 3 year old daughter has been attending the Ballet with a Princess classes and absolutely LOVES them. What a wonderful idea! I am so glad that this is being offered, and even happier that they will now offer weekly classes

Feb 21st  2019 - Facebook

Nandry S.

I would highly recommend their Sugar Plum parties! I brought my 3 year old who wants SO badly to be a ballerina to the themed one where she got to learn ballet from Princess [Beauty]!! Learn ballet and meet a princess... could it get any better for a little girl?! It was like a dream come true!

March 28th  2019 - Facebook

Shannon R.

My girls had so much fun at their first ballet with [The Lost Princess], they’ve been asking to do it again. They are so excited about the ice princess ballet this week. We will definitely be regular customers

March 26th 2019 - Facebook

Stacey Y.

My daughter loved attending the Ever After Winter Princess Ball! She really enjoyed all of the activities. In particular, she had a great time meeting the princesses, dancing, and having her nails, hair, and makeup done. Everyone did a wonderful job creating a magical time for the children!

December 23rd 2018 - Facebook

Mallorie R.

My 4 year old and I went to Valentines Tea with Cinderella and it was so cute. Elegant tea party with makeup, hair, and nails. Truly a great time!

March 13th 2019 - Facebook

Chelsea S.

Had an great time at a ball in December! All the princesses were great!!! My daughter still talks about getting crowned by [The Snow Queen]!!!!

March 14th 2019 - Facebook

Crystal L.

My daughter had so much fun at the Winter Ball. This was our 2nd Ever After Event. [The Lost Princess] was her favorite.

December 19th 2018 - Facebook

Stefani R.

This is a great way to spend some Mommy and Me time with your little one. Great for parties or group event. I went to the ballerina day with Princess [Beauty] and my daughter loved it. Now I am going to send her to dance classes. And it is not pricey! Thanks ever after events.

March 30th 2019 - Facebook

Juliana M.

Ever After Events provided an exceptional experience for my daughters birthday party. Everyone, including the adults, was in awe of having [The Snow Queen] at our party. The story, craft, coronation, singing and dancing made all the kids so happy! Thank you so much for this amazing service!

October 28th 2018  - Facebook