"First let me just say I never had an event with characters for my children’s birthday parties, so I was a newbie to this whole process. I didn’t know what to expect and the owner went above and beyond to set up a contract that was revised several times for things I wanted to change or add.

One word encompasses what they did for our Daughter’s 5th Birthday Party....UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!!

From Elsa and Ariel’s very long walk up the driveway to make a surprise entrance for our little girl, family and guests, who had no clue by the way about their invite to the party. We kept it a secret and it was so worth it!!! The beautiful costumes and singing, in character and on point the entire time, kid craft activities, story time, dancing with magical snow from Elsa that she blew from her hand to all the children, the coronation ceremony with rhinestone crown and princess certificate, Ariel swimming in the pool with all the children, birthday girl updo with nails polished and facial gem accents, birthday cake song, professional video and photographs. The entire process from my first phone call to the characters farewell goodbye, exceeded above and beyond any expectations I had about their services.

Words cannot express how thankful we are to Ever After Events for creating a memory that will forever be with our Daughter, Family and Friends.

Everyone is still talking about how amazing our party was a month later and how the princesses were an awesome surprise and edition to our gathering. Amazing and professional. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!!!!!!

We will definitely be inviting them again in the near future!!! Thank you again for all that you did for us! It will never be forgotten!!!"

- Eric & Nicole 2020



"Your concept is brilliant. Bringing the characters to life using individuals that can play the part with absolute perfection AND sound genuine playing the character when they sing.  The woman that played the mermaid was absolutely wonderful. She never left character and her singing voice was beyond our expectations.  Your business with the spot on performance of the mermaid captured my daughter’s attention, her imagination and her dreams.  Your business made my daughter’s fantasy of having a mermaid at her party a reality. I cannot thank you enough for what you and the character (I forget her name…I am so sorry…bad with names) achieved on Saturday.  The party went from your typical 5 old birthday to 10 levels better when she came into our backyard and my daughter’s face just let up.   Just to tell you how impactful Saturday was… My daughter was disappointed yesterday (Sunday) for two reasons….The mermaid was not coming today and my daughter had to be human.  She wants so bad to go see the mermaid’s palace as she calls it.


Thank you again.  Please feel free to share my email and the pictures from the party.   I would hate to see any small children missing the opportunity to have this wonderful experience for their birthday because they didn’t know this service is around.


Thank you again from a very delighted, happy and satisfied parent!!!"

- Jason, 2019


We took our 2 year old daughter to two Princess in the Park events this summer and it was a dream come true for her! We were HIGHLY impressed with the actresses and how they embraced the mannerisms of each princess they portrayed. They each took time to spend quality time with each little girl and make them feel special. We still hear everyday how Elsa helped her pick out a bead for her bracelet, and how Ariel helped her find treasures and brush her hair with a dinglehopper. We can't wait to now suprise her with a princess for her 3rd birthday party and book a princess for a Christmas visit!

- Kathryne, 2020

The Snow Princess - Party Dress.JPG

My daughter is still talking about attending the Princess ball a few months ago. We will definitely look forward to future events!

— Amanda, 2019


Booked my 4 year olds birthday party with them and could not believe how amazing the princesses were! They looked, talked, and acted just like the real princesses and did not break character even once! They made my little girl feel like a princess and she could not stop talking about them for weeks! Definitely recommend!

- Amy, 2020


"Cannot rave enough about Ever after Events. Beauty and the Snow Queen came and entertained 12 4 year old girls for 1.5 hours of pure magic. Literally, as a mom, I did absolutely nothing but sit back and let them take care of everything! The girls were mesmerized by their story telling, makeup and craft time and their beautiful singing voices of all of their favorite songs. After the dance party the girls were able to take individual photos with the princesses. It truly made their day. I HIGHLY recommend Ever After Events for your next party, I will sure use them again!

— Elizabeth, 2019


"We had Belle surprise our 4 year old princess obsessed daughter with a Christmas Eve visit. To be honest, we weren't sure what exactly to expect, but the experience blew any ideas we had out of the water. Belle was so sweet and truly looked the part in her beautiful holiday gown. Our daughter has been telling everyone princess Belle visited her and she doesnt know how Belle knew where she lived. Belle was so much fun, reading a book and taking the time to play with our daughter genuinely. Even the gift Belle gave her at the end was so sweet. It was such a magical experience! Thank you!"

— Meghan, 2019


"We are so glad we booked them for our daughter’s 5th birthday! They truly made the birthday party. None of the kids wanted to leave and we keep hearing how it was the best party ever, thanks to Ever After Events. The princesses were so great with Evelyn and all of the children. They were all in character, so sweet so professional and the owner was so easy to work with. Thanks again to everyone who made the party perfect!!"

— Erin, 2019


"I signed up my 3 year old son, who is a big Rapunzel fan, for the princesses in the park event. Initially I wasn't sure if it would be too "girly" for him but your princesses were amazing at including him in all of the activities regardless if he was the only boy or "prince" as they called him.

He loved listening to the stories and painting. I also loved how knowledgeable your princesses were about their own stories and referenced them as much possible, as well as their other princess "friends".

When it was time to get their nails painted, I got a little nervous when one little girl said "can boys get their nails painted?" and without skipping a beat Rapunzel was like "oh of course I do Pascal's nails all the time!" <3 Thank you so much for making him feel so special and giving him the "best day ever"! I will highly recommend your character experience to others!"

— Rebecca, 2019


"My 4 year old and I went to Valentines Tea with Cinderella and it was so cute. Elegant tea party with makeup, hair, and nails. Truly a great time!"

— Mallorie, 2019

We had a video message done for my daughters 3rd bday with belle! She absolutely loved it..seeing her wish her happy bday made her whole day n she has watched it so many times🥰🥰🥰

— Minda, 2020

"Absolute magic is in the air with Ever After Events!
It really IS a dream come true, and more! You can just see the love, passion, and magic poured into every detail of what they do!
Beautiful people, beautiful characters, and beautiful memories guaranteed to last as old as time!❤️"

— Mica, 2020

"Lovely princesses and a great owner! It was a great experience working with ever after events!"

— Jennifer, 2018

"I would highly recommend their Sugar Plum parties! I brought my 3 year old who wants SO badly to be a ballerina to the themed one where she got to learn ballet from Princess Belle!! Learn ballet and meet a princess... could it get any better for a little girl?! It was like a dream come true! 💃"

— Nandry, 2019

"This is a great way to spend some Mommy and Me time with your little one. Great for parties or group event. I went to the ballerina day with Princess Belle and my daughter loved it. Now I am going to send her to dance classes. And it is not pricey! Thanks ever after events."

— Stephani, 2019

"Had an great time at a ball in December! All the princesses were great!!! My daughter still talks about getting crowned by Elsa!!!!"

— Chelsea, 2019

"Amazing to work with. Very detailed costumes and perfect characters."

— Steve, 2019

"The princesses were wonderful with all the children! Absolutely amazing time and affordable prices. I can’t wait until I can take my niece to the next event when they visit!"

— Jill, 2019

"My daughter had so much fun at the Winter Ball. This was our 2nd Ever After Event. Rapunzel was her favorite."

— Crystal, 2018

Ever After Events provided an exceptional experience for my daughters birthday party. Everyone, including the adults, was in awe of having Elsa at our party. The story, craft, coronation, singing and dancing made all the kids so happy! Thank you so much for this amazing service!

— Juliana, 2018

"My girls had so much fun at their first ballet with Rapunzel, they’ve been asking to do it again. They are so excited about the ice princess ballet this week. We will definitely be regular customers."

— Shannon, 2019

"My 3 year old daughter has been attending the Ballet with a Princess classes and absolutely LOVES them. What a wonderful idea! I am so glad that this is being offered, and even happier that they will now offer weekly classes."

— Leslie, 2019

My two daughters saw Cinderella, and they loved it! at the time my youngest was about 1 and 1/2 and she was a little afraid at first but Cinderella was so sweet and patient that she eventually warmed up. There was also special princess sparkle dust so that helped as well! I definitely recommend taking your kids to visit these wonderful ladies!

— Talia, 2017

Had such a fun time meeting Princess Cinderella with Ever After events! She was kind and understanding of my shy, tired baby and was great with my princess obsessed toddler!

— Chava, 2017

"My daughter loved attending the Ever After Winter Princess Ball! She really enjoyed all of the activities. In particular, she had a great time meeting the princesses, dancing, and having her nails, hair, and makeup done. Everyone did a wonderful job creating a magical time for the children!"

— Stacey, 2018

"My daughter’s fifth birthday party Belle and Wonder Gal attended and were a huge hit. They were very patient, kind, and always stayed in character. Thank you so much for making her day special."

— Shannon, 2019

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